Door Thresholds


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  • Interior Thresholds

    Thresholds made to bridge the gap within doorways inside your home.
  • Exterior Thresholds

    Door thresholds for doorways from the inside of your home to the outdoors.
  • ADA Compliant Thresholds

    Thresholds made to meet the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Weatherstrip

    Endura weatherstrip creates consistent compression every time, providing a long-lasting seal and protection against air and water infiltration.

Exterior Thresholds Solid Wood Interior Thresholds
Threshold Extenders ADA Compliant Thresholds
Door Bottoms / Sweeps Weatherstrip is an online store selling only interior and exterior door thresholds, and related products such as weatherstripping. We manufacture our own line of interior thresholds in a wide variety of wood types and sizes, as well as distributing high quality Endura thresholds.

We manufacture ADA compliant thresholds, as well as other types. These ADA compliant thresholds, which are allowed to be no more than 1/2” high and must slope up both sides gradually, to allow access for wheel chairs to roll over easily, and also to provide less obstruction for disabled people. Other thresholds are made especially for transitions from one room to another, whree you may go from carpeting to wood or tile floors. We have a variety of woods available to go with your other moldings, flooring, or décor in your home.

We also distribute Endura thresholds, which are high quality exterior thresholds. These thresholds are available in ADA approved types, as well as oak capped adjustable thresholds in brass, and dark bronze , and aluminum mill finishes.. The rest of threshold is made of long lasting anodized aluminum, which wears for years and years. In addition, we have Q-Lon weatherstripping, a high quality compression weatherstripping, made of foam and nylon, which holds its shape indefinitely.